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Thoughtfully sourced materials from within Africa.
Embracing the place and the people.



African beads, made by indigenous tribes and ethnic groups are most commonly referred to
African Tribal Beads.
Our first collection Shanga celebrates the diverse and colourful beads that are
found throughout the continent. These beads tell a story, and often play an essential role in the
cultures they represent, serving as symbolic, traditional, or decorative ornaments that define
their individual cultures. They are handmade in various regions throughout Africa.
In the past, beads were used as a form of currency for trading goods and services, particularly
in West Africa, via the trans-Saharan trade route. Although glass was the most used material,
other materials like wood, bone, metals, and coral were also used, as they were readily
available in the region.

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Tribal Textiles works to create sustainable impact in South Luangwa, Zambia through creativity and craftsmanship by going beyond fair wages, reinvesting in community strengthening initiatives, and supporting local wildlife conservation.

The Tribal Textiles Glass recycling project started in 2018, when they decided to combine their love for art, knowledge of craft and will to contribute to the recycling process in The Luangwa Valley. They invested in tools to transform excess glass bottles into beautiful products. With the help of lodges and valley residents who share their waste, the team creates magic from glass, including some recycled beads used in our jewellery.

Follow and support Tribal Textiles on Instagram:@TribalTextilesAfrica

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Sishemo is a women-led social enterprise based in Nakatindi, a community on the outskirts of Livingstone, Southern Zambia. Sishemo provides economic empowerment opportunities to 7 female artisans who collectively support over 40 family members and dependents. They take discarded glass bottles from lodges, hotels and households across Livingstone, crush and fire the glass into handcrafted, unique beads using traditional techniques.

Follow and support Sishemo on Instagram:@sishemobeads



African black wood beads are handcrafted by one of our local artisans, Hubbly. 

Scientifically named Dalbergia melanoxylon, this wood is native to Africa, and specifically to the savannah and forests of southern Africa, including South Luangwa.

Handmade African black wood beads are crafted by carving and shaping each bead individually, often using traditional tools and techniques. The result is a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery that carries with it a rich history and cultural significance.

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Mwezi Blu is a part of an exciting collaboration with highly skilled Kenyan brass smiths.

William and Daniel, based in Nairobi, create exquisite brass work using a variety of ancient jewellery making techniques. These talented artisans up-cycle old brass from taps, pipes and padlocks that would normally end up in the junkyard.

With their mastery and skill they produce brass parts that are assembled and finished by the Mwezi Blu jewellers in the South Luangwa valley, Zambia.



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The truly magnificent Ankole cattle are a breed of cattle indigenous to sub–Saharan Africa and Uganda.

They are often referred to as Cattle of the Kings as they were highly valued by royal families who kept them in high numbers for prestige. 

The beautiful Ankole horn is a traditional material used in African jewellery making, arts and crafts. Up-cycled Ankole cowhorn uplifts local communities by providing extra income and jobs.


Colorful Leather


 Mwezi Blu is dedicated to the production of high-quality, timeless jewellery. We try our best to source our materials from within the African continent, however sometimes it proves to be a bigger challenge than expected.

While we are continuing to search the continent for the best genuine leather options, we are currently using thin and durable Australian kangaroo thong for our necklaces, and strong, high-finish cow leather from Europe for our bracelets.

If you are a leather producer based in Africa and would love to work with us, please contact us via email:

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